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The following messages have been taken directly from the discussion boards:

Added By M on 13-05-2005 I agree. This site is fantastic and have had some really good advice from people who know what we are going through. It really helps to talk to someone other than close friends who I'm sure must get fed up with it sometimes to get objective advice & support.

Added By P on 14-05-2005 Just wanted to add my thanks too, its actually great therapy to read and post similar issues we are all having to deal with rather than bottling them all up

Posted By A on 01-10-2004 I won't go rambling on any longer but also want to add what a fabulous site this is and that it as been a lifeline for me and many others. I hope it continues and that people can get the comfort from it that they deserve. I know I would have gone insane without it.

Posted By M on 25-07-2004 Found this site a couple of days ago - lawyers must be gutted - so much free advice and support!

Posted By A on 02-02-2004 Dear All, What a boon and a blessing is this site. I read with sympathy all the posts and it feels strangely comforting to know that I am not the only one in schtuck!

Added By S on 24-01-2004 gary, the best thing you can do is to look through the archives which will show you the same answers to your questions many many times before.

Added By G on 11-01-2004 welcome dave yes this is the place and there are many experts who post here who will give you good advice on the way forward if you ask a question on this or the finance board. I am not an expert still relatively new to this site and learning from others, there is much food for thought here, and a lot of suffering and sometimes hope

Added By D on 22-12-2003 Paul this board has been the closest thing to a godsend that I have ever found. I have said it before, and will say it again, I am sure that this board has saved lives. I had my lifelines in place before I found this board, but perhaps others did not.

Added By D on 23-12-2003 I'd also like to send my very warmest thoughts and best wishes to all here. A huge *Thank you* to all of you for being here and listening to my rants and answering my daft questions so many times. This board has been so helpful to us, not only for the help, advice and information that it gives but also for the true sense of knowing that we are unfortunately not alone in our situation and all the frustration that goes with it.

Added By C on 23-12-2003 Paul, hope you have a great christmas and new year. I will always regard this site as a was to me when I needed it most. I suppose it is quite ironic that "" helped me to save my marriage although it was a really close call. This site oozes warmth, friendship, understanding, help and such fantastic support...second to none in my book.

Added By S on 23-12-2003 Paul, You know this board has saved my life and my sanity and I certainly don't think I could have kept going for so long without the support of everyone on here.

Added By D on 04-12-2003 Mike - You could be my Doppelganger! I have been on this site since end of october and it really is a help. Take some time to read through the archives, and try to take heart, you are not alone, and folks on this board are very supportive. Danny

Added By D on 25-09-2003 Lisa31 (& Susan) The spring --- wow! When I first joined this board, in the spring, I thought I'd joined WW3! You will always get a degree of conflict in human communities, and the vast range of experience and emotional states here, virtually guarantee it! The utility of this board, however, was self-evident - so I stayed. And it helped me. Alot....

By A on 19-09-2003 I don't have enough words to express how grateful I am for your help! I am so happy to find this web site! In one day I've got to know more than in weeks of reading sited and books (one actually)!

Added By N on 19-09-2003 Anova, this site is definitely a life saver and we all know this.

Added By A on 30-08-2003 Iv'e come along way since 'dumped', is it really only 22 days? It feels like months. I was lucky though, as I was looking for legal stuff about divorce, I stumbled on to this site.....I shudder to think where I would be now if I had not found it. I would not know how important it is to be the petitioner or anthing else for that matter.

Added By A on 27-08-2003 So many people with nice words while going thru the most hurtful time in thier lives ,,says alot about the character of the people that visit this site eh!!

Posted By C on 30-08-2003 I posted July03 and thank Sam1,Sunny and Dave for sound advice.Thank you all for posting as it's a lifeline and "real world" environment !!!! here and so helpful.

Added By E on 25-08-2003 Like you D. I have found this site, and the chat room, a real life saver. There have been many times when I've been sitting around feeling very low and have come here and posted to find that several people are willing and eager to pick me up again.

Posted By A on 21-08-2003 hi everyone like a few of you i am a new user to this site i have read a lot of the advice and comments and cannot begin to say how much better i feel about my situation knowing that there are many more of us all going through the same thing.

Added By A on 21-08-2003 I'm new to this site too, can't tell you how glad I was to find it. Yes it does get bad, and shitty, as you say, and people can have their really dark times. I think the important thing is to be able to find an avenue for support, and I was encouraged by the spectrum of information, support and advice people have to offer.

Added By J on 05-08-2003 Wow, thanks for all the advice, this surely is a great site.

Added By P on 06-08-2003 E. Yes I probably have. I have to say this website, and in particular, this board made all the difference to me. It was/is a comfort to know that I am not the only one going through what is a truly awful time. Friends are a help, but unless they have been through it, there support is limited to propping you up, saying what they think you want to hear. One thing that stood out for me on this board was that some posting were quite blunt (or realistic) and although sympathy was/is extended, the thing you need is a touch of reality not pity

Added By P on 05-08-2003 Mally, advice about advice. Thanks for your comments. I do know my stuff, but do not know others. Each divorce is individual and unique in some. In my view this board is by far the best around. But advice is about just that. Use all advice as possibilities that could influence outcomes.

Posted By M on 18/07/03: What constitutes a legal seperation??I know it sounds simple but i have no idea.Regards to all who have helped me so far "Hey is this a great site or what"

Added By L on 26/06/03: Oh how I wish I'd found this site before going to a solicitor. Although I think I would still have needed one I would have not spent so much money seeking advice and just left him to do the sticky stuff! Still at least now I know where to come with those 'what if' moments!

Added By S on 18/06/03: I spent £150 on my divorce.I spent £800 to get contact. I have spent £0 so far to sort out finances. Well done, what a money saving site I found. On the flip side my ex who doesn't know what the internet is, let alone this site has spent £17,000 already on the above. Way to go!!!

Added By P on 02/06/03: Stick around E, this board has been a lifesaver for me (literally!) - you're in for a hell of a ride, but it *does* get easier.

Posted By S on 29/05/03: I just wanted to say thank you to all the people that offered me advise and support (some time ago now, about 6 months!)When people find this site they are in a bad place in the their lives. most to the stories here are about bad things but still give emotional support as you know your not alone. My bad times are mostly past now. I'm back on my feet and getting on with life and smiling again. Some of that is down to this site. I found support in my time of need. Once again, thankyou for all your help and support, and for those that are in the "bad place" don't worry, the road may not be easy but you will reach the end of it and find happiness or at least peace again.

Added By Z on 21/05/03: Thanks fellas, it's nice to hear from people who know what it's like. My friends are being great, but they can't know how it feels.

Added By P on 02/05/03: Chuckle. This site's a bit addictive isn't it :-) I've only been here a week but already I can't keep away. It's comforting to find others who can understand what I'm going through - my mates & family (and ex2b's family, to be fair) have all been brilliant but most of them don't really know what it feels like to have someone you thought you'd grow old with turn round and call time on you. That "me and you against the world" feeling's gone completely, my soulmate's not who I thought she was. That kind of thing.

Added By A on 18/04/03: I agree with so much that has been said here in this thread. I only found this site towards the end of my divorce but I wish I had found it sooner - it might have stopped me crying most of the night as I worried about what to do. Since I found it though, I have used it extensively, both to sort out the final stages of my divorce and to offer support (I hope!) to others just starting the road.

Added By C on 17/04/03: I cannot remember the last time in my life that I have learnt so much over such a short period of time, this site has helped me to see things in a different light and that will ultimately benefit me, my Ex2b and my child. This site works so very well because we are all at different stages in the process and because we all face, or have faced, different problems.

Added By D on 17/04/03: Finding this site was the making of my divorce as a viable solution, one better for pretty well everyone than the marriage. (even I think better for my husband). I've previously thanked D, and I still am grateful. Z was the first person to respond to my post. This site is the single most valuable resource I have ever found on the internet. I hope to stick about and still help a bit.

Added By P on 03/04/03: Hi AllanKnow something of what you mean. Was in the same position last year after 30 years. This site saved me.

Posted By S on 30/03/03: Thank god for this discussion board. I can say things here that I could never admit to anyone else! When I need to blow a gasket or to have a good moan, I can always do it here.

Posted By D on 25/03/03: I visited my Divorce solicitor yesterday, hereinafter referred to as "Sol". Because the advice on this site is so good, I didn't get any nasty surprises --- I knew most of it already

I wish I had found this site earlier in my proceedings as the support you will find here will help enormously on an emotional side as well as financial and legal. take care A 9/3/3

This site and the people here has been such a help that a saying thank you seems so inadequate. B 8/1/3

Thanks for running a site which by now must have saved many lives. D 24/12/02

I read through it's such a great site. Some of the site really encourages me, makes me laugh, and makes me feel "normal"! M 10/12/02

Posted By A on 24/08/02: I am fairly new to this site and almost through the divorce process. I just wish I had found the site earlier, it maight have saved me some of the heartache I have been through. I felt so alone, my life seemed so hard and even though I was lucky and had good friends to talk to and cry with, they could not answer all my questions and doubts. I now know from reading other people's stories that my life is not so bad, other have suffered more and if I can do anything to help or support or advise them, I will try.

Posted By S on 17/08/02: I've looked at the subjects on this site for a couple of months now and its certainly a comfort knowing that it's all happened to others before me - I'm hoping I get through this but I now understand the expression 'rollercoaster of emotions'!