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Coping with Stress Checklist

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Item Notes
1 Concentrate on what is happening now and your plans for the future - try not to dwell on past problems
2 Make a note of the problems that need to be dealt with - find solutions and plan how to deal with each one. Then set priorities - tackle them one at a time - the most important first
3 Don't take on too much - be realistic about what you can and cannot handle and don't be afraid to say "no"
4 Communicate with others - share your feelings with someone you trust
5 If possible plan a change of scenary and day to day routine - try to take a short break occasionally
6 If work is a part of the problem try and establish the aspects causing stress and how they might be dealt with (eg with delegation, saying "no", getting support, changing jobs)
7 Plan your time and don't forget to include breaks. Making time for relaxation and leisure activities on a regular basis (and sticking to it) is important
8 Exercise regularly - aim for at least 15 minutes a day
9 Find out more about for example relaxation techniques and stress-free diets and incorporate these into your planned lifestyle changes
10 Finally, do seek help through your family doctor if you feel it is necessary