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Solicitor Visit Checklist

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Item Notes

Financial Information

1 Your name, address and telephone numbers
2 The name of your spouse or partner and their address if different to your own
3 Children's names and ages
4 Your occupation and that of your spouse/partner (with your work telephone number if appropriate)
5 Whether there are children in the household who are not children of the marriage
6 Names and addresses of each child's school
7 Whether either of you have been married previously, if so, dates of the marriage and decree absolute
8 If you have already separated, the date and a brief note of the circumstances


9 Copies of any correspondence with or from the Child Support Agency
10 Any correspondence that may have been received already, such as from your spouse's solicitor
11 Your marriage certificate
12 Court orders which may have been made in respect of the current or any previous marriages, and/or any orders that may have been made in respect of the children

Financial Circumstances

13 Your own and your spouse's or partner's income
14 The address of your home, together with an estimate of its current value and of any loans secured against it (also include the name and address of the lender)
15 Details of any other assets together with an estimate of their current value (including yours and your spouse's or partner's pensions)
16 Details of any debts which may exist, including their value and to whom they are payable