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Property Selling Checklist

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Item Notes


1 Obtain valuations (free of charge) from a number of agents
2 Ask each agent that visits a pre-prepared list of questions, eg how they would market the property and ensure the best price is achieved
3 Don't necessarily pick the agent with the highest valuation or the lowest rate of commission - pick the one that you feel you can trust to do the best for you - remember to focus on the person not the firm

Instructing the Agent

4 Having chosen an agent, restrict the sole agency period to say six weeks only (if not sold by then you will have a good insight into the agent's ability)
5 Insist on high quality details and a level of coverage in the local press

Viewing etc

6 You are paying the agent a substantial sum to sell your property - ensure they accompany all potential buyers
7 Get feedback on each visit, using it to improve the prospects of selling the property each time

and things that may help...

8 Your home is one of many on sale - you have to know the nature of your potential buyer (young, professional, family?) and make your home stand out either through the way it is presented and/or priced.
9 Ensure your agent is keeping in contact regularly - if not it may be time to choose another
10 When choosing between buyers its not necessarily the best price but the one most likely to complete
11 Declutter and de-furnish if rooms are on the small side. Remember it may be necessary to redecorate in plain simple colours to make the property attractive to the majority of buyers