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Renting Property Checklist

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Item Notes

The property

1 What is the landlord's name and address and telephone number?
2 Is the property in a good state of repair? Are there any signs of damp or infestation?
3 Are any repairs necessary before you can move in? (don't forget to inform the landlord in writing)
4 Is the property secure? Are the external doors secure? Do the windows have locks? Can escape be made from inside without keys?
5 What is the area like? Has the property been burgled or vandalised?


6 Is the heating adequate?
7 Do the gas and electrical appliances work and are they safe? Are there test certificates available?
8 Is the plumbing working, do the taps work, does the toilet flush/leak?
9 Is there hot water and how is it paid for?


10 How much is the rent and what does it include?
11 What other bills are there apart from the rent (gas, electric, rates, water etc)?
12 Is a deposit required (don't forget to obtain a receipt)? If so, how much and under what circumstances can deductions be made when it is repaid?
13 Is it possible to obtain an estimate of the running costs (eg heating etc)
14 Have you worked out your overall budget and, if so, is the property within your price range? How are you going to pay the rent?

Tenancy Agreement

15 Do you have a copy of the tenancy or licence agreement (and do you understand all the terms - if not, consult an expert)?
16 Can you talk to any previous/ fellow tenants and ask them if they have any comments that would assist you?
17 On signing do you have your own signed copy?
18 Do you have any liability with any other tenants (eg for common parts of the property)?


19 Is the property clean? If not, inform the landlord in writing
20 Is your property (belongings, furniture, etc) insured?
21 Is the property furnished? Is it adequate, in good condition, fire retardant and is there an inventory?
22 Ensure all meters are read before you move in
23 If the landlord commits to any repairs, redecoration etc, obtain written confirmation