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Marriage and Mediation

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(See also Support Organisations and our books page and the article on mediation by Mark Young) Confederation of Scottish Counselling Agencies

COSCA helps those with an interest in counselling or using counselling skills. It can also provide contact with the various counselling organisations throughout Scotland.

Counselling for London

CFL offers counselling to couples and individuals who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships.

Marriage Care

A national charity whose aim is to support marriage at all stages of its development, especially in times of difficulty. At its heart is relationship counselling from a network of 64 offices. One hour confidential counselling sessions are available for six weeks then further sessions if appropriate.

National Family Mediation

Family mediation service dealing with issues relating to children, finance and property. The aim is to avoid an adversarial approach that is inevitable if negotiations are conducted through solicitors from the outset. This is intended to reduce conflict, and prove less expensive than resorting to the legal system straight away.

Network Counselling

Network is a professional counselling agency and training centre in Bristol.

Relate (National Relate)

Relate is a national charity with over 60 years experience in helping people with their relationships. Through its 2,300 counsellors working in 103 centres in England, Wales and Northern Island, it offers counselling, sexual therapy and other services to help with difficulties in marriage or in any adult couple relationship. It does not offer legal, financial or medical advice but may be able to suggest an alternative source of help.

Relate Scotland (or Scottish Marriage Guidance Council)

Relate Scotland offers advice, relationship counselling, sex therapy, consultations and support face-to-face, by phone and through their website.

UK College of Family Mediators

The professional standards-setting watchdog and public information providing body for family mediation in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. As well as providing an insight into how mediations works the site also offers assistance on how to find a mediator.


A site dedicated to support, enrich and enhance marriage by providing a comprehensive range of articles and other resources including discussion forums, etc.