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Aquila Care Trust

The Aquila Care Trust (TACT) is a growing network of self-help groups in UK founded in 1991 for the support, understanding and guidance of people struggling to put their lives back together after divorce, separation or broken relationships. It operates in two phases, the first being an 8 week series of small group discussions facilitated by experienced leaders, who themselves have suffered and recovered from broken relationships. The second follows-on, giving continued support, social events, weekend breaks, holidays and workshops.
Telephone: 01892 665524

Holiday Endeavour for Lone Parents

HELP is a non profit making charity run mainly by people who are, or have been, lone parents. They are dedicated to providing, high quality low cost, self catering and catered accommodation with entertainment packages which will allow any lone parent family regardless of income to both afford and enjoy a family holiday. They include the UK's big holiday park operators - Butlins, Haven and Pontins. HELP also organises holidays at three Spanish resorts.

Single Parent Travel Club

The 'Single Parent Travel Club' is a self-help group of parents who organise days out, short breaks and holidays in the U.K. and abroad. It is open to all single parents with or without residency and is funded by an annual membership fee of just £7.50 per year. Holidays range from two to 30 families and is only limited by members imaginations and budgets. Members receive four newsletters per year detailing whats on and when. The membership hotline is 0870 2416210 or write to SPTC, 6 Bentfield Road, Stansted, Mountfitchet, Essex CM24 8HW