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As a visitor to the site, hopefully you will have benefited from those pages which contain more specific information on family law, finance and mediation. For this we are very grateful to the contributions from Susan Clark, a Solicitor and Family Law Specialist, Sue Miller, an Independent Financial Adviser and Mark Young, a specialist mediator.

Mark is available to those visitors to this site who are in need of professional assistance.
With clients throughout England and Wales, he has found that faxes, emails and telephone calls are quick, effective and often a more efficient use of time compared to meeting in person. Many of his clients have found this to be a distinct advantage, especially those who find it difficult to take time off during the day and, with this taking less time than personal interviews, it is often less costly.

As well as his contribution throughout the site, you will find more information and specific contact details on the following pages in this section. Mark Young runs an organisation which is completely independent from OnDivorce. He operates on a commercial basis and, whilst his services cannot be given free of charge, he does recognise the importance of providing best value for money.