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Subject: Ex rejects my full market value buy-out offer on MH Posted: Thursday, December 5, 2013 - 12:54:16

When my now EXHusband announced out of the blue his wish to divorce, I reluctantly did all he asked to achieve this. I agreed to sign the estate agents contract to seek a buyer for our home (which I funded the entire capital for, out of my own previous single wealth) -my Deed of Trust, drawn up prior is constantly being contested by him & his sols. I have offered to buy my Ex out at considerable expense and stress taking on an enormous amount of mortgage debt, at the valuation he got from an independent surveyor of his choosing for Court purposes, and at the split he agreed with his barrister at the FDR that he would settle at (60/40 to me on MH & 50/50 on 3 buy to let properties he wants release from too). He resents me being strong enough to take this action and try to stay in the home we built together (with my money) and has REJECTED the offer. He wants to continue to seek a buyer on the open market, waiving my option to transfer it to my name. I am still living here and have kept the place immaculate for viewings for 9 months now. I have offered what he said he would accept as a buy out, and wish to keep the house I invested all my wealth into to live in, with my 2 dogs. I have had enough upset and upheaval. Can I refuse to market the property any more (subject to having given the Estate Agts the 2 wks notice required) and await the Final Hearing which is set for Jan 2013? Or, as I signed the Estate Agents contract back in Feb 2012, am I stuck at having to continue with viewings etc? PLEASE HELP xxx I am under considerable duress from my Ex husband, his sols and the estate agents who want to get a sale on the open market as opposed to a transfer to me, so that they get paid their commission.

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