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Subject: for the attention of divorce divorce Posted: Thursday, December 5, 2013 - 12:54:16

hello. you made a comment on scarletts previous post regarding my position with husbands income. i had explained that he was only calculating maintenance on the half salary which is paid to him directly. the other half of his salary which he will continue to withdraw has not been used in calculations. i cant see how it can be said that my maintenance is in return for my salary. not only is it much less than i was being paid net, i have been told and it has been explained and shown to me that maintenance is based on a percentage of his income and i have been told that the percentage being offered is much more than a court would order. ( a court can order between 33 and 40% of income). if his income is actually double what he is claiming, then the percentage is actually much smaller than is being presented. it is all so obvious to me that i appreciate that i am clearly not understanding this and any time i have raised it with my solicitor i have had no response. i had a meeting only yesterday and for some reason she is only raising it now. this has been going on for 1 and a half years (well 1 year, as ex didnt respond for first 5 months). any, explanation welcome.

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