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Subject: Consent Order payout - supporting paperwork required Posted: Friday, April 14, 2017 - 10:11:36

My ex-husband and I divorced in 2012 after a 3 year marriage. It was a second marriage for us both.  I funded the deposit on his new house. It was agreed through mediation that he would pay me an equivalent amount amount back (less an adjustment for pension differences) which would result in the finances being split 50/50. I bought my first husband out as soon as we separated so the proceeds of my first marital home funded everything. My ex's money was tied up in his first marital home and he had a Consent Order in in place with his ex-wife where he would be paid out under specific circumstances. During mediation, he refused to have a charge placed on his home. We now have a Consent Order in place stating that I'll be paid what I'm owed within 14 days of him receiving his money from his ex-wife in line with their Consent Order. 

He's due to be paid by his ex-wife next week on the sale of their former marital home meaning he's due pay me within 14 days. Over the last few years, there have been a lot of issues which have resulted in me not trusting anything he says, particularly in terms of finances. As recently as yesterday, he told me he was knocking off an amount he paid to a solicitor last year in connection with his Consent Order with his ex-wife. I've learnt that I can't trust what he says to be correct. 

I want to see documentary evidence of what he's received so I'm sure I am receiving the correct amount. I believe this is a reasonable expectation - and it's what I would provide voluntarily if the situation was reversed and I had to pay him anything - but he's refusing to let me have sight of any paperwork. Apparently it isn't written in the Consent Order that he has to do so therefore he won't. I'm finding my paperwork today but if the production of supporting it isn't specified in the Consent Order (which, looking at draft copies online, I don't think it is) please can anyone tell me whether I have any right to ask for supporting documentation? I don't want this dragging on any longer than necessary. With the exception of our daughter, I want to cut all remaining ties as quickly as possible however I do want to be sure the Consent Order has been complied with properly. Thank you. 

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