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Other Useful Financial Info

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Citizens Advice Bureaux

Provides free, independent and impartial advice on matters including social security, employment, discrimination, consumer and debt matters, housing, legal etc. The website includes news headlines, news library, how to get advice with an online directory to find your nearest bureau and local website, together with online advice and information.

Department for Work and Pensions

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is a Department created in June 2001 and is responsible for employment, equality, benefits, pensions and child support. Most of the work that was carried out by the DSS (ie Benefits Agency, Child Support Agency, the Appeals Service and Departmental Directorates) has transferred to the new DWP.

Financial Services Authority

The FSA was set up to regulate financial services and protect your rights. The website provides useful information through downloadable booklets and factsheets as well as through financial FAQs.

Independent Financial Advisers

The majority of IFAs are small businesses consisting of one or more individuals offering independent advice on investments, savings, pensions, mortgages, tax, school fees, life assurance, endowments, critical illness cover, income protection and ISAs. The IFA Promotion site below provides information on members and downloadable brochures.


Information Commissioner's Office

The Information Commissioner's Office is the UK's independent authority set up to promote access to official information and to protect personal information. Worried about your personal information? Want to know more about data protection? Have your say about the future of data protection.

Inland Revenue

The Inland Revenue web site features news and information on tax and national insurance matters in the United Kingdom. As well as information about the Revenue, location of offices and copies of press releases, there are featured areas which include self assessment, national insurance contributions, working families tax credits, disabled persons tax credits etc. There also forms, leaflets, booklets, details of rates and allowances, legislation, FAQs, etc. Of particular interest will be the tax credits site and by using the search facility for "divorce" a number of helpful topics will be found including pensions, tax treatments etc.

Pensions Advisory Service

Provides free help and advice to the Public who have a problem concerning either a company or a personal pension scheme (it will also assist with general enquiries on state pensions but not individual entitlements). There are useful leaflets and publications providing information on pensions and terminology as well as examples of cases dealt with by OPAS

Opportunity Links

Although not a Government site, Opportunity Links is a voluntary organisation which provides information free of charge, via the internet and touchscreen kiosks, to those who have a need to find out about jobs, training and childcare facilities. For example, there is information on childcare and Working Families Tax Credit (including a calculator).

Pension Service

A Government site aimed at providing impartial information on the different pension options that are available. The site contains on screen information as well as downloadable guides designed to allow the user to make better informed decisions.

Pension Sharing on Divorce

The Welfare Reform and Pensions Act, 1999 largely puts in place the proposals set out in the 1998 consultation paper "Pensions Sharing on Divorce: Reforming Pensions for a Fairer Future". It introduced the option of pension sharing on divorce from 1st December, 2000 thereby allowing pension rights to be treated like other assets transferable from one spouse to another on settlement. It means pension rights can be transferred from an existing scheme into a new scheme for the benefit of the other spouse. It will not however be compulsory. Since the 1970s the Courts have had to take account of the value of pension rights so that these can be "offset" against other assets when deciding on financial settlements. Due to the sums involved this could often undermine a clean break settlement. Alternatively, it has been possible for part of the pension benefits to be "earmarked" and paid to the other spouse on retirement.

State Retirement Pension

DSS information on what it is, how much, when is it received as well as some frequently asked questions and how you can get further information on your own situation and contributions.