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DIY Divorce

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(For guidance leaflets and forms see the Court Service site as below, summarised on our Forms page)

Terry & Co

Terry & Co gives an insight into DIY divorce in England - how to go about it and the pitfalls.

Court Service

All about divorce - downloadable forms and leaflets (all free of charge - you only pay the Court Fees) from the Court Service, including guidance notes, required when conducting your own divorce. Find also addresses of all local courts.

Information on your rights under family law from the comprehensive compactlaw site. As well as general information on family law, it includes detailed information on the process, how to apply for your own divorce and what is required.

Scottish Courts - DIY Divorce's

Guidance published by the Scottish Courts on the simplified divorce procedure in Scotland. Online leaflet provides information on whether you qualify, how much it costs and what you have to do.

Quickie Divorce

Established in 1999, Quickie Divorce offers affordable solutions for couples that consent to their divorce.


OnDivorce Legal Helpline

If your circumstances do allow you to choose the DIY route and you need advice on a point of law without wanting to appoint a solicitor, you may like to consider making use of our Legal Advice Helpline in conjunction with the following bestsellers. See also our other books and guides.