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Divorce Checklist

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Item Notes
1 Where the children will live?
2 Arrangements for visiting the children
3 Child Support (amounts, duration and future reviews)
4 School Fees and other expenses for the children
5 Grandparents visiting the children
6 Child Support (Special needs)
7 Child Support (Passports)
8 Further education - costs, decisions, etc

Financial Arrangements

9 Division of the family home, deeds, mortgages etc
10 Pensions - it may come as a surprise to know that your biggest asset may not be your home.
11 Division of investments, savings, shares etc
12 Personal property, including furniture etc
13 Cars and other vehicles
14 Maintenance for husband or wife (including amount, duration and provision for future reviews)
15 Ensuring future obligations are met (eg life cover, etc)
16 Claim Working and/or Child Tax Credit?
17 Are you entitled to any other State Benefits?
18 Legal and other professional fees


19 Tax liabilities (income, capital gains, etc)
20 Mortgages
21 Bank and other loans
22 Credit card liabilities
23 Bankruptcy issues

and things to do...

24 List all assets and liabilities showing costs and current values where possible
25 Obtain copies of all documentation, statements etc where possible which show ownership, value etc
26 Notify relevant organisations of the change in your circumstances
27 Consider hidden assets
28 Revise existing will or make a new one