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Child Support and Maintenance

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(For information concerning the reform of the child support scheme, originally intended to be from April 2002 but implemented for new cases from March 2003, see our page "Changes to Child Support". See also our State Benefits page) Child Poverty Action Group
Campaigns for changes in policy relating to poverty, leading national and local campaigns that attack the root cause of poverty. Provides research and information about poverty for decision makers, the media and the public. Offers advice on the social security system, keeping local advice workers up to date with latest developments and takes up test cases to secure benefits to which people are entitled. Handbooks and CD ROMs include welfare benefits, child support, fuel rights, rights for home owners (explaining, for example what someone having difficulty repaying a mortgage can do)

Child Support Agency
For the latest developments and the official view from the Government. The website includes sections on who the CSA is and what it aims to do, questions and answers and links to related sites. Of particular importance are the changes to the rules effective for new cases which were to be effective from 5th April 2002 - for one child 15% of net income is payable, 20% for two and 25% for three (it was delayed due to problems in installing the IT system). The site now directs users to one of two parts - existing or new cases - where further information and assistance is available. 
National Enquiries: 0845 7 133 133 and Email: See Changes to Child Support.


Child Support Analysis
The site provides analysis, explanation, information, opinion, and an insight into the system as well as identifying sources of advice.With regret, Child Support Analysis has now ceased operation but the web site will remain there, but frozen, for at least a year from July 2007 

Child Support, Pensions and Social Security Act, 2000
Under the Child Support, Pensions and Social Security Act, from 2002 maintenance will be calculated according to a set formula. Absent parents will be required to pay 15% of their take home pay for one child, 20% for two and 25% for three. One of the penalties for non payment is disqualification from driving.

Dads UK
Dads UK is a helpline for single Fathers. Help is provided from contacts over the phone, many of which are other men who have life experience with which to give you advice, or to just listen. 

Independent Case Examiner
The Independent Case Examiner investigates complaints of maladminstration against the CSA and Northern Ireland Social Security Agency. There is information on how to complain and how the ICE then deals with your complaint. 

NACSA is a movement that is campaigning for a fairer Child Support System and the repeal of the various Child Support Acts. They are committed to changing the CS laws to get a fairer deal for all people affected by the current and new CS legislation. They are focusing their efforts on advice and support for anyone who has dealings with the CSA. The site includes a number of forums that are a source of information on various related subjects, providing an insight into the workings of the CSA and the implications for parents. Other resources include a chat facility, details of local groups, support calculators, letters, press cuttings and FAQs. 

Northern Ireland Child Support Agency
The site provides information about the Agency and the services it provides. There is a useful section containing Frequently Asked Questions covering such topics as what is taken into account in assessments and appealing against assessed liabilities. 

Parliamentary and Health Ombudsman
The Ombudsman deals with complaints about the actions (or inactions) of government departments and other public bodies which seem to have caused injustice which has not been put right. The full text of selected cases can be found on the 

Retail Price Index (RPI)
Maintenance and child support payments are usually index linked. The official Government statistics site will provide you with the latest indices as well as historic data.

UK Mens and Fathers Rights
A useful website for Fathers containing information on a range of topics that affect men including a summary of the UK situation for men and Fathers, Father support campaigns, statistics, interesting articles, advice, links to Men/Father organisation and forthcoming events