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Buying Checklist

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Item Notes


1 Work out your budget carefully, preferably in conjunction with your mortgage provider
2 Establish your priorities (eg schools, both current and future) and the area of search
3 If you are dependent on selling your current property (see selling checklist) ensure that it is progressing - a vendor will prefer someone with no dependent sale or will want to know about your sale, length of chain, etc when comparing buyers
4 Confirm whether or not the price to be agreed includes fixtures and fittings, carpets, curtains, appliances etc
5 When comparing properties it may be useful to make reference to the rental checklist (for an overview of the property condition etc)

An overview of the process

6 Offer made
7 Negotiations
8 Offer accepted by the seller as "subject to contract"
9 Instruct solicitor (they will conduct a local search, obtain draft contract from vendor's solicitor - returning an approved copy, obtain copies of the title documents and make preliminary enquiries through the vendor's solicitor)
10 Return mortgage application forms (if appropriate) to the lender together with a payment of the fee
11 Survey and follow up - in conjunction with the lender (if appropriate)
12 Mortgage application and offer
13 Pay deposit to solicitor (usually 10% of the purchase price) and arrange completion date, contracts being signed and exchanged)
14 Arrangements regarding removal, storage etc
15 Completion of purchase

On moving remember...

16 Notify everyone of change of address
17 Post Office forwarding if necessary
18 Inform utilities, credit card companies, banks etc
19 Arrangements for schools