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Books for Women

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The Wisdom of the Menopause

This best seller gives a candid and reassuring explanation of the changes women should expect from ages 40 to 55. The author provides information on the menopause and an examination of the connection between the menopause and a woman's emotional and spiritual life. More than a guide, this book advises on coping with physical and emotional symptoms, decisions about HRT and alternative supplements, and also how to prevent long-term problems such as heart disease, hormone-related cancers, and memory loss.

Positively Single

Author Vera Peiffer shows the reader how to overcome the worries and fears of being single. By looking at the situation more positively, she suggests that you can develop a positive self-image, develop new social skills and expand your creative boundaries and achieve happiness.

Women Who Stay With Men Who Stray

For millions of women, infidelity becomes central to their marriages. For those women life can be emotional torture and this book addresses three basic questions: why do women stay when men stray?; how do women reconcile their decisions to stay?; and how, exactly, do men stray? Including case studies, the book examines men's affairs and the pressures which drive many women to stay in their relationships.

Women Who Love Too Much

"It's the third time I've bought this book, as my my previous copies have been needed as 'first-aid' for friends who, like me, need help to understand why they to repeat destructive relationships, even when consciously trying to avoid them. A very healing and constructive guide to improved relationships"