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How to mend a Broken Heart
So many of us will have our hearts broken several times throughout our lives and between relationships we will be single. Discover in this guide how to pick yourself up and learn to enjoy being on your own again so that you can finally begin to get your life back on the right track.

After the Affair
Finding out that your partner has had an affair feels like the end of the world. It is the ultimate betrayal and the most difficult thing to do is to trust again. This text takes a frank yet sensitive look at this topic. This book looks at why people have affairs and the effect they may have upon the person who has been betrayed. It attempts to help couples understand their feelings, overcome feelings of betrayal and help them decide the next step.

Who moved my cheese?
A parable that takes place in a maze in which live two mice and two humans. Their lives and belief systems are built around the cheese they've found The point of the story is that we have to be alert to changes in the cheese and be prepared to go running off in search of new sources of cheese when the cheese we have runs out.

Choosing a Better Life
A step-by-step guide to changing your life for the better. It aims to help the reader understand the things that hold them back and to overcome them, and shows how to harness the powers within to make things happen. Exercises and case studies are included.

Quick Fix Your Life
Drawing on a whole range of self-help ideas, this book offers effective change techniques, including: one-off quick fixes such as Feng Shui; long-term lifestyle changes; "rescue remedies" for travelling and work; and pattern breakers that can change lifetime attitude problems.

Living the Life You Want
This manual deals with the basic limitations and difficulties which everyone experiences in life, from fear and anger to erroneous assumptions, then demonstrates how to move through your own limiting factors to full emotional wealth and well-being. It draws together a range of approaches from Buddhism to metaphysics and NLP. There are practical examples and case studies.

Trusting Your Intuition
A guide to using intuition to discover a richer, more rewarding life and greater effectiveness at work. The book shows the reader how to recognize the value of his or her intuition and learn to trust it more. Practical examples are used.

When What You've Got is not What You Want
Using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), this manual provides a systematic, step-by-step approach to uncovering your potential and becoming the best you can be. NLP is a method of modifying not only what you think, but how you communicate, in order to achieve results.

Building Your Life Skills
This book is aimed at those both in and out of employment, those struggling with disability, trying to balance home responsibilities with work, or wondering what to do with the next 40 years. Its practical approach aims to boost confidence to face these increasing challenges