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Books for Self Esteem

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Confidence in Just Seven Days

Written as a seven-day confidence plan with each of the seven chapters covering one day, it can be read through in one sitting, or one chapter per day, or you can dip in and out at random. It is packed full of simple, straightforward exercises, check lists, goals and helpful, entertaining case studies. Each chapter ends with a progress diary encouraging you to write down what you've learnt and how you intend to use these skills. An excellent, practical book whose strength lies in its sensible, jargon-free advice.

Building Self Esteem

This work aims to show how the damage caused by faulty beliefs can be reversed, enabling the reader to develop a firm and realistic belief in his or her attributes, accomplishments and abilities. Exercises and case studies help provide strategies for building self-esteem.

Ten Days to Great Self Esteem

This book offers a very practical step-be-step guide which could help most of us feel better about ourselves. It uses cognitive behavioural therapy which means think about it a different way and you'll feel different. The approach is to raise self-esteem to the point that self seeks to matter. That, says Burns, is incredibly freeing. His approach links self-improvement to the Buddhist ladder to nirvana, combining eastern and western thought in an easy-to-use practical package