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Books for New Relationships

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Be Your Own Love Coach

Be Your Own Love Coach empowers the reader to find the loving relationship they want and, once in a relationship, to keep a sense of who they are. It is aimed primarily at men and women who have had at least one significant relationship in the past and now want to prepare themselves to find their ideal partner. However, there is much useful advice for those already in a relationship. Written with sensitivity, honesty and wisdom, while remaining fun and down to earth, the book tackles the whole picture: taking into account the love choices people have made in the past and issues of self-belief. It aims to enable readers to understand themselves better and identify what they are looking for in a relationship, find ways of meeting new people and date successfully. For those already in a relationship, the book covers developing open and strong communication, handling differences constructively and overcoming monotony. The book is full of advice, insights and practical exercises designed to build up the reader's personal awareness and maximize their potential to find and maintain love.

How to get Married... Again

Every wedding involves many people than the two who are about to make their promises and there is an endless list of things to get sorted, but when it is a second wedding the people and problems can multiply. This guide considers all the rules of etiquette and takes account of all the practical and emotional concerns and shows that there is no reason a second wedding should not be as special as the first.

Dating, Mating and Relating

This guide demonstrates how to: find out which type of person you attract and why; identify your true personality type; use proven techniques to move from initial attraction to being partners; and discover the ways to keep that relationship energized.

Making the Most of Your Relationships

This is a self-help guide to improving and maintaining personal relationships. The text suggests practical methods to deal with and resolve problems within a relationship and includes checklists, case studies, quizzes and techniques to study particular situations.

How Not to Stay Single

Set out in easy-to-follow steps, this text includes hints, goal-setting instructions, anecdotes and motivational thoughts. Each chapter features an action plan, and teaches the reader that wanting a relationship is nothing to be ashamed of.

Secrets of Relationship Success

With divorce figures are at an all time high, this book ponders who is to blame for this. Is it women who fail to balance work and home or men who fail to help at home or communicate effectively.