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Books for Men

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The Divorced Dad's Survival Book: How to Stay Connected with Your Kids

This book shows shows how to navigate the process of getting a divorce so as to minimize the negative impact on one's children. Its goal is to show how fathers can use the divorce to improve their relationship with their kids. David Knox, a divorced father of two, presents a book designed to show fathers how to replace the fear of losing their children with insightful knowledge of what the children may be experiencing during the divorce, and offers specific suggestions on maintaining and improving relations with them. The father-child relationship cannot only survive but also triumph over divorce through conscious and deliberate planning and execution.

The Complete Book of Men's Health

This reference book of health symptoms and conditions relating to men's health covers 1990s developments such as Viagra and saw palmetto, a herb popular for prostate problems. It also covers fertility, cholesterol, combatting stress and how to decrease risk of cancer.

Passages in Men's Lives

Gail Sheehy makes the case that it is men in middle life who have the best chance to become masters of their fates, to understand what is missing and forge new directions to invigorate the second half of their lives. This is a guide for men as they confront the issues of each life change.

All Right, Mate ?

Men's lives are, on average, five years shorter than women's and they are far more likely to die prematurely. This book is written for blokes who are too busy, too lazy or too scared to go to the doctor. It covers everything you want to know about the male body from exercise to death.