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Books for Divorce Busting

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Divorce Busting
If you are trying to save your marriage by yourself - then get this book and practice it's concepts. The book is well-written and easily understood.

The Divorce Remedy : The Proven Seven Step Plan for Saving Your Marriage
Michele Weiner Davis goes beyond her marriage-saving bestseller, Divorce Busting, with this empowering and encouraging guide for revitalizing marriage and building stronger, more loving bonds. In a down-to-earth style that is free of psychobabble, Weiner Davis outlines a realistic, solution-oriented approach.

The Sex Starved Marriage
'Not tonight, darling, I've got a headache...' An estimated one in three couples suffer from problems associated with one partner having a higher libido than the other. Marriage therapist Michele Weiner Davis has written THE SEX-STARVED MARRIAGE to help couples come to terms with this problem. Weiner Davis shows you how to address pyschological factors like depression, poor body image and communication problems that affect sexual desire. With separate chapters for the spouse that's ready for action and the spouse that's ready for sleep, THE SEX-STARVED MARRIAGE will help you re-spark your passion and stop you fighting about sex. Weiner Davis is renowned for her straight-talking style and here she puts it to great use to let you know you're not alone in having marital sex problems. Bitterness or complacency about ho-hum sex can ruin a marriage, breaking the emotional tie of good sex.

Getting Through to the Man You Love
An irresistible message for women If someone told you that you could have better, more meaningful communication with your partner, hug him without his thinking sex was imminent, get him to become more involved with the kids, or even realize that, unlike the oven, the house isn't self-cleaning, wouldn't you want to know how? Of course you would. Well, Michele Weiner-Davis is about to let you in on her secrets. Drawing on more than two decades of experience in helping couples make their relationships great and using her own twenty-something year old marriage as a testing ground for her techniques, Weiner-Davis explains: --women's biggest "beefs" about men --why blaming, nagging, and talking about feelings don't work --why action-oriented methods are infinitely more effective --how to talk so men will listen Most important, Weiner-Davis shows how every woman can become an expert at getting her man to be more responsive to the things she wants and needs in their relationship. So, if you've been at the end of your relationship rope and you're ready to let go of the line, hang in there . . . solutions are right around the corner.

Change Your Life and Everyone In It
If you’re fed up with being told why you have problems instead of what you can do about them – if you’re tired of examining your feelings and you’re ready for action – here’s good news. Finally, an effective, down-to-earth, simple-to-implement approach presented in plain English and brought to life with stories of people who have triumphed over all-too-familiar frustrations. No matter what your problem, no matter how hopeless it seems, there is a solution, Change Your Life and Everyone In It will help you discover it.