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Books for Divorces

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The "Which?" Guide to Divorce
Anyone contemplating divorce needs to be aware of the legal procedures and the financial implications of decisions made at this stressful time. This guide explains the process in simple terms so that the couple can discuss the issues beforehand. It provides a step-by-step guide to the stages of the divorce process, details on the treatment of pensions, information on court costs and tips on how to find the right solicitor. This new edition of the guide covers all the effects of the Family Law Act 1996, some of which have yet to be implemented. It explains changes to legal aid and the proposed changes to Child Support, pensions and the implications of the Human Rights Act 1988.

Divorce for Dummies
A positive and easy-going guide to help individuals understand their basic legal rights and responsibilities. Times are hard for marriage - one in three couples in the UK divorce. As might be expected of such a stressful life event, many divorces are far from straightforward. They are also usually expensive and carry the risk of lasting emotional trauma to the families concerned - especially to children. Divorce for Dummies helps couples work through the separation process, from the initial decision to split up through the complex steps of divorce and then through the first steps of a newly divorced person's life.

How to Cope with Separation and Divorce: A Guide for Married and Unmarried Couples (A "Daily Express" Guide)
A practical guide designed to help divorced or separated readers face immediate problems, such as accommodation or financial provision for children. This new edition covers the changes in legislation affecting married and co-habiting couples, as well as examining the social and emotional issues

The " Which?" Guide to Living Together
A practical guide designed to help divorced or separated readers face immediate problems, such as accommodation or financial provision for children. This new edition covers the changes in legislation affecting married and co-habiting couples, as well as examining the social and emotional issues

Everyday Scots Law
Using plain English, this reference to everyday Scots law explains and demystifies the small print and long words that so often intimidates the novice litigant. It deals specifically with the processes and documentation involved in each of the areas where the ordinary person is likely to come into contact with the law, explaining the terminology, the necessary procedures that must be followed and what is expected from all the parties involved. Topics covered include: how the legal system works; house-buying and -selling; landlords and tenancies; marriage, divorce and children; wills and inheritances; and work-related matters

Find Your Way Through Divorce
This book is a down-to-earth guide to help you without avoiding the question of whether or not divorce is the only option. Offering practical advice and strategies that will be invaluable, Jill Curtis focusses on ways of minimising the emotional cost of divorce for everyone involved.

The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce
In 1976, Judith Wallerstein began a 15 year study of 131 children whose parents were all going through a divorce. She asked them to share the intimate details of their lives, which they did with remarkable candour. Returning to her original subjects 10 years after the official study ended, we see how adult children of divorce essentially view life differently from their peers whose parents remain married, both happily and unhappily. We witness their struggles, their vulnerabilities, their desperate need to be loved while at the same time terrified of intimacy. Can they overcome their fear of betrayal and failure to find loving partners, or are they doomed to repeat their parents' mistakes?

Moving On
This is a guide that provides information, advice and practical strategies to help you cope with the stress of breaking up with a partner. Learn how to manage negative feelings, help children through a breakup, communicate with your partner and children throughout, and sort out financial issues.

The Divorced Dad's Survival Book: How to Stay Connected with Your Kids
This book shows shows how to navigate the process of getting a divorce so as to minimize the negative impact on one's children. Its goal is to show how fathers can use the divorce to improve their relationship with their kids. David Knox, a divorced father of two, presents a book designed to show fathers how to replace the fear of losing their children with insightful knowledge of what the children may be experiencing during the divorce, and offers specific suggestions on maintaining and improving relations with them. The father-child relationship cannot only survive but also triumph over divorce through conscious and deliberate planning and execution.

Rebuilding - When your Relationship Ends
This revised and updated guide to relationships is built on more than two decades of research and practice, incorporating feedback and life experiences of many divorced/separated men and women.
A Healing Divorce: Transforming the End of your Relationship with Ritual and Ceremony
With divorce rates running so high in America, it is becoming more popular to mark the end of marriage with as much ceremony as they began. This book has become the best selling DIY manual for those wanting to organise such a "ceremony of parting".

Breaking up without Cracking up
Tackling both the emotional side and the practical issues involved in divorce, Christopher Compton also draws on his experience as a judge in the family law division.

Surviving Divorce and Building a New Life
This book describes the different phases couples go through during the process of uncoupling. It incorporates first-hand accounts of those who have struggled through a divorce. It is a must read for those who find themselves dissatisfied with their marriage or those on the brink of divorce.

Relate: Starting Again
A guide to looking to a positive future after the grief of a failed relationship. Through self-assessment questionnaires, tasks and discussion points, the author helps the reader to reach a greater understanding of him- or herself and to build a new social life.

How To Do Your Own Divorce
In this updated forth edition, family-law barrister Jeremy Rosenblatt shows the way to cut through the legal labyrinth, the red tape and the cost to ensure that the divorce procedure is as simple and straightforward as possible. Written in laymans terms, there are step-by-step instructions on how to tackle the necessary forms.

Divorce Guide (Law Pack Guide)
File your own undefended divorce and save yourself legal fees. This guide explains the process from filing your petition to final decree.

Cohabitation Rights (Law Pack Guide)
As more couples choose not to marry, the legal and financial issues they face with children, mortgages, pensions, separation and death become ever more important to understand and address. This text discusses the options in cohabitation agreements and mediation, and provides advice for couples.

I Want a Divorce ?
Simone Katzenberg is a family lawyer and mediator in private practice in London. In this book, she aims to link the emotional and legal aspects of divorce without becoming weighed down by either psychological or legal jargon. Based on her observations of people going through separation and divorce, this book begins with an analysis of the emotional process broken down into seven stages: breakdown, shock, anger, pain, hatred, grief and acceptance. The second part contains practical advice on the legal process including the divorce itself, issues arising over the children and how to negotiate towards a financial settlement. There are helpful sections including tips on finding and dealing with solicitors, costs, first moves, the finances generally, housing, pensions, types of orders, mediation, procedures and courts. Case studies are presented to illustrate particular experiences common to many marriage crises, and a list of relevant addresses and telephone numbers is provided.

Divorce in Ireland
Divorce became possible in the Republic of Ireland for the first time in February 1997, under new legislation. This straightforward guide explains how the law works and how it ties in with previous legislation concerning separation and nullity (civil and Church), and covers the history of divorce in Ireland, the options, civil nullity, judicial separation, mediation, barring, remarriage in church, and the tax, property, custody, inheritance and other implications of divorce, separation and nullity. An essential, clearly written guide for those considering divorce, and an invaluable resource for legal professionals.

Making and Breaking Families
This book looks at the many new combinations which constitute a family at the end of the 20th century. Men and women to whom the author talked describe what happened when their marriage broke, and how their new families emerged, sometimes through great difficulties. The book closes with guidance to the many professionals who might find themselves giving counselling or giving guidance to families as they go through a demanding period of transition. A very interesting, readable book which will prove useful to anyone undergoing change within their family situation.