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Books for Children

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Parental Alienation Syndrome
"There has never been a more important work ever done in matters of emotional child abuse and/or brainwashing where one parent to a divorce wants to alienate their child against the other parent out of spite or revenge. For those parents who become the target of such alienation and who don't understand the sudden hateful and hurtful behavior of their now brainwashed and alienated child toward them, this book will give you the answers you need."

Successful Single Parenting
A handbook which suggests practical ways to ease the job of single-parenting by providing a checklist of problems that may be faced, whether emotional, financial or legal, together with advice on overcoming them.

Second Families
This book offers practical and positive strategies for coping with the emotional issues likely to concern a new combination of parents and children. This guide includes coming to terms with the on-going role of the "ex", and addresses the decision of new partners to have children of their own.

Dinosaurs Divorce
Dinosaurs' Divorce is a great book to snuggle up and read with young children going through divorce. Even older siblings seem interested in reading it. It helps children understand the feelings they may have while going through the divorce, learn how to handle mistakes parents sometimes make, and deal in a positive way with their changing family and living arrangement. The most important thing children learn from this book is that their parents' love for them will never change.

Where's Daddy
Where's Daddy? is an invaluable guide for mothers and fathers with broken families. It will help them answer children's questions concerning separation and divorce. And provides forewarning of the doubts and problems which may arise later. This book is based on a questionnaire sent out to hundreds of separated and divorced parents. The wide variety of their replies revealed the confusion, problems and agony caused by lack of advice and knowledge of where to go for support.

Co-Parenting After Divorce
Short, practical and very inviting to read, this self-help book for divorcing parents imparts sound, useful information on a variety of topics including: telling your children about divorce, communicating with an "ex," handling different parenting styles, helping children cope with their feelings and helping parents handle their own feelings.

How to Succeed as a Single Parent
A guide to bringing children up for single parents. It focuses on the difficult issues faced by divorced parents, and combines a realistic understanding of both the practical and personal problems to be faced.

Helping Children Cope with Divorce
This encouraging book offers practical guidance for knowing how to do what's right for your kids during one of life's most difficult transitions. It shows parents how to take control of this challenging family crisis and minimize both short-term pain and long-term trauma. The book provides research on the actual impact of divorce upon children of different ages; presents a specific program for parents to help their kids reduce the pain and come out of the transition in a better place; inspires and motivates divorcing parents to do what's right for their kids in a difficult time.

Children Don't Divorce
Originally published in 1991, a sensitively written story which looks at separation and divorce as seen from a child's viewpoint, allowing children to explore and express their feelings. In the TALKING IT THROUGH series, illustrated in full colour by Nicola Spoor.

How Do I Feel About My Parent's Divorce
From the HOW DO I FEEL ABOUT series which encourages children to explore their feelings about personal issues that affect them, a title which examines how children cope with divorce. Comprises simple text, cartoon strips, questions and answers, readers' experiences and help boxes. With photographs and art work by Chris O'Neill.